Dumont tells them he doesnt think Scottie tampered with the plane; Whitehall says that the prototype being constructed in the facility was accurate and clearly being built from his research, which only Scottie would have had access to; and Kat verifies that she and Scottie were the only ones authorized to make payments from the account used to fund the prototype facility. When she sees the list of payments made, she tells them that she wasnt even working during those times, and the FBI concludes that it must have been Scottie. You did it, Dad, says Tom to Howard up in Scotties former office, which Howard seems to be taking over despite having taken this office by force just an hour ago. The Challenges For Painless Course For Curriculum Vitae SolutionsDoes Halcyon have an H.R. department? A question for another time… Because suddenly Kat is at boytoy Trevors hotel room (does this guy live in a hotel?), and she looks mad. Shes looked into the payments made from her account and realized they were all made from her laptop at times when she was with Trevor. Shes livid and accusing him of working with Howard, an accusation she thought it would be really fun to go make by herself and unarmed.

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