Silver medalist Odette Giuffrida, from Italy, is at left, and Bronze medalists Natalia Kuziutina, from Russia, is at right with Japan’s Misato Nakamura. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel) More RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) — The IOC will keep trying to enforce a rule that would prevent former doping cheats from competing in future Olympics. In an interview with The Associated Press, IOC President Thomas Bach said Monday that he will make a third attempt to push through an OIympic ban on any athlete who has received a serious drug sanction. ”Where there is a serious doping offense, this athlete from my personal view should not have the right to compete in the Olympic Games,” Bach said. ”If somebody is taking steroids for weeks and months and has a whole system around him, there is so much cheating energy I do not think such athletes should compete ever again.” Full ReportThe Court of Arbitration for Sport has twice struck down a rule that would exclude athletes with prior doping cases from the Olympics, including a proposed ban on former Russian dopers from the Rio de Janeiro Games. CAS has rejected the rule on grounds that it punishes an athlete twice for the same offense. ” I don’t give up,” Bach said during an interview at the AP offices in the main press center in Rio. ”Now when we are talking about the review of the anti-doping system, this is one of the questions the IOC will bring to the table again. We will look for solutions in this respect because we want the games to be clean.” In 2011, the International Olympic Committee passed the so-called ”Osaka Rule,” a measure which would have barred any athlete who had served a doping sanction of more than six months from entering the subsequent games. That was thrown out by CAS ahead of the 2012 London Olympics.

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